Don’t Use D3 Map Hacks

D3 map hacks are a crazy way to get ahead in the game that doesn’t often work out in the user’s favor. These hacks can take you to any part of the map, but you will some times get stuck there in a wall or another object. You’ll just have to go back to town with your spell and and try again. As bots like this break the fundamental rules of Diablo 3, they will swiftly get banned by Blizzard as they can see everything that everyone does in their games.

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Safer Alternatives

If you don’t to get banned like most players, then you need to play smart and only use bots that act like human players. This is the only way that Blizzard can’t figure you out. Other bots do things like teleport themselves to parts of the map and change their own mini map to their liking. These kinds of bots will get you banned. Only bots like D3 Mimic can go undetected by Blizzard because they can act just like a human. This will make Blizzard think you’re nothing more than a hard working player and that your gear is hard earned! Little do they know that bots can easily do anything they want, as long as they don’t break the rules.

Diablo 3 Mimic

monk model diablo 3This is a much safer way to get your character good gear. Grinding monsters all day for the small chance of a good yellow or a legendary is just not fun. Many players wonder if it could be possibly be automated. Well now, it can! D3 Mimic makes it look just like you’re playing the game, only your computer does all the work. Turn it on before you go to bed or hang out with friends and you’ll see how quickly you grind up the gear. Before you it, your bags and bank will be full of yellows to unveil. While gearing up by yourself in Diablo 3 is a drag, it doesn’t have to be with D3 Mimic. Start leaving the grinding parts of MMO’s to your computer so you can focus on the parts of the game you love. You’ll also have more time to spend with your friends and family because you’re not always sitting at your computer.

D3 Map Hacks Are Bad

female wizard diablo 3Using this new kind of bot will not only get you banned in this game, but any attached World of Warcraft or Starcraft 2 accounts will also be banned. So don’t use this kind of bot if you plan on keeping your account. D3 Mimic is the way to go no matter what it is you need to do in the game. Even PVP, which is soon to be released, will soon after be available with D3 Mimic. No other current D3 bots can stand up to the long lasting name of MMO Mimic who has bots for so many MMO’s that are always safe and don’t get players banned. Check out D3 Mimic if you want to have a positive botting experience in Diablo 3.

How to Get Ahead with D3 Mimic

The map hack idea that has recently become popular in Diablo 3 is simply disrespectful. The players are affected first because their bots do not work and they still end up paying for them. But the fact that the want to break the rules of the game and alter parts of the map is what sets them apart. This new breed of bot for Diablo 3 will quickly get you banned. Use D3 Mimic if you want to bot while still keeping your account like most people.

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Simple Drawing Addons

These things can be called nothing more than addons. It is nowhere near a complete bot as all it does is let players draw lines on maps and circle important places. That being said, this is still against Blizzard’s terms of use because it changes a part of their game that they deliberately designed. With these addons, progressing through the map is no fun because you already know where everything is. These so called bots are not worth the money that people pay for it. They should really just become a game addon and give their idea to players for free. While these addons are no good, there are plenty of bots that have invaded the D3 world that hack across maps and ruin the game.

Real Map Hacks

witch doctor art d3Players that use software to jump to a spot anywhere on the map a the real map hackers. Often times, this software malfunctions and players have to teleport back and attempt again because they are stuck where they hacked to, likely inside a wall or something. Using these kinds of bots is definitely not advised because you don’t get much else but your account banned and you pay money for it. Some people are crazy enough to pay for this, but you need to be smarter than that. Use real Diablo 3 bots like Diablo 3 Mimic which just lets your character play for you while you’re not there. There is no hacking of any kind involved here. While Blizzard still isn’t a fan of companies making bots for their game, there is little they can do about one that simply mimics human game play.

Diablo 3 Mimic

This bot will let you get ahead in the game without compromising your account. Many players have other Blizzard games attached to their accounts as well, so getting banned is not something they want to happen to them. You simply can’t risk using map hack bots as they won’t get you anywhere. Unless you want your account banned, stay away from these bots. Use D3 Mimic instead because it is safe and undetectable by Blizzard. Turn this bot on before you go to sleep, or before you leave the house and you will come back to bags full of yellows. This bot is very efficient and can kill monsters just like a real human. If you don’ want to get banned, then Diablo 3 Mimic is your bot for any of your needs in Blizzard’s new game, Diablo 3.

Map Hacks: A Bad Alternative

Many people have been using D3 map hacks to attempt to break some of the game rules and doing whatever they please. This new generation is not only disrespectful to the customer, but to the game designers themselves in attempting to completely alter the game. These map hacks don’t work very often and when they do, Blizzard will quickly find you out and your account will be banned.

Try Diablo 3 Mimic

d3 use diablo 3 mimicIf you want a safe way to make some parts of the game easier for yourself, then MMO Mimic has the bot for you. Any veteran MMO players knows MMO Mimic in some way whether it’s through WoW Mimic, SWToR Mimic, or Rift Mimic. This company knows how to make bots that don’t get found out by the game designers because all they do is play when you aren’t available. Just set up this bot whenever you want to do something else, and you’ll be grinding yellows until you come back! D3 Mimic is such a simple yet brilliant idea that is much different than the map hacking cheats some other players use. Think of how much better your character would be if you could play all day! Well, now you can Dibalo 3 Mimic. This official bot from MMO Mimic will make your game play easier guaranteed.

Grinding Yellows

d3 three yellows dropMany players enjoy playing Diablo 3, but the process for gearing up is simply ridiculous. It doesn’t seem at all practical to grind monsters during all of your time as a max level character. While it certainly isn’t by normal human means, D3 Mimic is able to completely automate the way a human plays the game so that Blizzard has no chance of finding out that you are actually using a bot. This is why you can’t find a better bot out there than Diablo 3 Mimic. Try this bot out if you want to have a good experience with an MMO bot, one in which you don’t get banned. As D3 Mimic doesn’t hack across the map like some other players choose to do, Blizzard cannot find them out like they can with the latter kind of bots.

Upcoming Diablo 3 PVP

diablo 3 pvp battleD3 Mimic is already making efforts to upgrade their bot to incorporate the new PVP feature coming up in Diablo 3. This way, you will even be able to grind against other players instead of just going out into the world and grinding monsters like we have to do now. If you want a bot that will be able to keep up with the drastic changes coming to Diablo 3, then Diablo 3 Mimic is your only choice. All the other amateur bots out there can’t compete with how well this bot performs. Use Diablo 3 Mimic for the simple reason that it doesn’t hack which seems to be a growing trend among today’s most recent bots. If you use these kinds of bots, you will be swiftly banned and never able to use your account again. So choose D3 Mimic because you won’t get found out by Blizzard!

D3 Map Hacks Are Unsafe

While it might sound appealing to hack your way across the D3 maps with various bots out there, this is not something that is condoned by Blizzard. You can also become stuck in a bad spot and not be able to get your self out often when using these hacks. Instead, use regular WoW bots that simply automate parts of the game for you. It still might not be condoned by Blizzard but you won’t get caught like you will breaking the rules of the game and hacking all over the map.

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Hacking the Map

Some people like to talk about ways of changing the map to their advantage so they can have an easier time in Diablo 3. Some of these simpler ones let players draw various markings on the map and reveal things that would otherwise need to be walked by to see. Of course, what everyone really wants is a way to teleport instantly to any part of the map and farm yellows. While this can certainly be done, it’s unsafe and will get your account banned swiftly which is made all the worse if you have a Starcraft 2 or World of Warcraft account attached. One way to be safe is to use no nonsense bots that just automate parts of the game like D3 Mimic.

Diablo 3 Mimic Is a Safe Alternative

diablo mimic mmo botIf you don’t want to lose your account, then you simply can’t risk using these map hacks. They rarely work out in the player’s favor and just are not worth the money one has to put into them. Diablo 3 Mimic is made by the same company that makes many other faithful mimic bots. WoW Mimic, SWToR Mimic, and Rift Mimic are all made by this great company, MMO Mimic. They know how to make bots so that the creators will not realize that players are even botting. As long as your bot does not hack across the map, you are probably not going to get caught. So why not use the best and most well known bot in Diablo 3 Mimic. Use this bot if you want to be safe and you don’t care about cheating in the game to get ahead.

Save Time and Money with D3 Mimic

The idea of D3 Mimic is simple, grind as much as possible! Other bots try to break the rules of the game and that is precisely how they get caught. Blizzard can see everything you do in the game, so any of these offenders are instantly brought to justice. D3 Mimic grinds while you’re at work, while you sleep, no matter what else you need to do, you can set this bot up! From all this grinding, you’re sure to have great gear and lots of gold. You can turn this for profit in the real money auction house and come out on top just by playing a video game! And all the while, Blizzard just thinks you are an active player that enjoys their game. Get D3 Mmimic if you want to see what a┬álegitimate┬áDiablo 3 bot can do for you!